Welcome to Glasswings

Welcome to Glasswings

This blog is a selection of my glass work in public & private, interior and garden spaces; etched,traditional painted and fused glass and lead. 

My work often underlines philosophical and spiritual ideas. Each image reflects the sometimes fragile yet colourful aspects of life, capturing the beautifully coloured movement of light.

My hope is that these images, as they have for myself, will lighten your path. 

If you are interested in a commission or tuition, please bare in mind I am based in East Devon.

                                                  Please email: deborah@glasswings.co.uk.

Once upon a time...

Traditionally painted glass by myself, inspired by living by the sea...

I became first interested in glass at 16 years old at college through vacuum forming transparent plastics - it was thought the project would better in blown glass. However, I was drawn to the use of colour, space and movement in and around the layers of plastic, rather than a solid mass.

I subsequently wrote a study about how mythological narrative was evident in three works of art; one of which was a John Piper window at Coventry Cathedral. 

 At the end of my A-levels, I decided to continue my interest in decorative glass in architecture by enrolling on a degree course in architectural glass in Swansea, Wales. I found that my interest in light as a natural source, and its spiritual quality was the inspiration for my designs and understanding of glass.

 It can be decorated in such ways to control the movement of light, the intensity of colour, and the projection of image and form to create a visual narrative in an architectural space. Over the years, I have visited many magnificent Cathedrals, beautiful intimate chapels, also other private and public spaces. 

I have been often mesmerised by the influence that glass windows have in the space; uniquely, hour by hour, and also season by season, as the sunlight changes. 
As my work develops, I hope to be increasingly sensitive to the influence various glass technique-controlled light has in an architectural and garden space.
Not only to create beauty and  intrigue, but to provide an sensory experience of wholeness and joy, as described by one of my most recent clients during lockdown.

Please contact me if you would like to join me on this journey in some way: a commission, exhibition or simply an email: deborah@glasswings.co.uk

Jan 2021 Glass Mosaic Commision


From design....

...and making... 

...to placement 

Lockdown Commission 2020

These photos show abit of the process of uniquely designing and making two inner door leaded glass windows in Topsham, Devon. Email deborah@glasswings.co.uk for details.


Beginners Glass Panel courses
Choose to learn a range of glass techniques:
  • ancient leading craft,
  • etching
  • engraving
  • copper foil

Spaces available for 5 week group spring courses :
starting on a wed or thurs 27 & 28th Feb - 27th & 28th March,
@Devon Decorative Glass EX8 1PZ
1 to 1 tuition/one off workshop available

Deborah Bailey
BA(hons)Architectural Glass, Cttls, Insured

email: deborah@glasswings.co.uk

Small Panels(15x15cm)£40-£60

Garden Glass Panel

Leaded glass panel for the garden, using a cast iron frame.

£335 & post & packaging

School Memorial Window

This panel  in 2015 was commissioned by a local primary school to commemorate the life of a much loved teacher.
The theme is  movement, sun, sea and boats. I have tried to convey this through the use of the lead lines and bold colours.

Memorial Window

This panel was commissioned 2015 to commemorate the life of the mother of the client. It  will be hanging in Northleach Court Nursing Home in Cheltenham.

Community Arts Project 2013

This community arts project was completed in 2013. I collaborated with neighbours in the local area with the aim to continue building historical links with the local primary school. It involved the children collecting found objects on the local estuary & they were directed when they designed and made the mosaics.
Many people have commented,  and is thankfully especially appreciated by the local residents where it is placed.

Flower Power

Detail of paintwork
This window was installed in Exmouth, Devon, June 2011, the theme was based on a William Morris poppy design. It is situated half way up a narrow flight of stairs in a period house. This photo was taken in the western evening sunlight and so colours are cooler. I painted and leaded this double glazed panel, choosing the texture and colour to subtly diffuse the buildings in the background.

Latest Window Commision

Just before Easter 2011 completed a porch window. The theme was the 'Shirley' poppy.
Here is a porch window I completed recently in Exeter. Was a pleasure working on this!

My Latest Commission -wood and glass sculpture!

My husband and I installed this sculpture on the 9th August 2009, funded by the Lottery Commission.

This community project was a year in the planning and making, together with staff and volunteers Aylesbury Youth Action. We were finally relieved for it to find its home in the sensory garden of Aylesbury's " The Grove" respite home, Buckinghamshire.

The brief from the young people using the home:
*glass framed using natural resources
*bright colours
*shapes that were circular/curvy/arches/meandering
*textures that rippled and bubbled
*to work with the sound of wind chimes/running water/rustle of leaves in the trees near by
*possible themes: the journey of water through leaves/trees, the fun in how nature moves, our relationship with nature.

I hope they all enjoy touching and seeing it in the garden in the years to come!

I made these fused glass pieces for the top table at a friends wedding summer 2008.

Some other examples of my work 2000-08

The ideas behind this panel was to create a design from an abstract collage of a lily flower. I was also experimenting with form and texture of the paint. This added to the multiple layering of images through the choice of colour of glass, line of the lead, the balance of opacity and translucency, and use of visual techniques ie. colourful border.

This panel design is a section from a longer story board of the Gospel form the Bible. The glass is painted and leaded.

This is a large panel made for St. Mary's church in Bridgend, Wales. The glass is traditionally stained, painted and leaded. The subject is Jesus as the Good Shepherd laying his life down for the sheep (his people).

This panel is a sample for Swansea library using enamel paints symbolising the flow of creative learning.

It now has a home at The C of E BeaconPrimary School, Exmouth

This panel was inspired by birds in flight along an estuary (price guide - £75)

2004 Leaded Light Commission

This is a commission for a house in Bristol above a bathroom door. My client wanted to have hidden fishes, darting in the design-I loved creating this sense of mystery within the design. I think it added something; giving the impression of moving light within the glass, a spacial depth. (Guide Price £550)

The Good Shepherd

Coloured Glass, Paint and Lead
250mm x 250mm

This sample panel is taken from a design intended to replace east facing church window in St Mary's church,Wales. The theme of this commission was chosen to fit in with the rural situation of the church and the surrounding farming community. The good shepherd theme originates from Bible scripture in John's gospel and the Psalms.

"I am the good shepherd who is willing to die for the sheep ... there are other sheep which belong to me that are not in the sheep fold. I must bring them, too; they will listen to my voice, and they will become one flock with one shepherd. The father loves me because I am willing to give up my life, in order that I may receive it back again. No one takes my life from me. I give it up of my own free will."
John 10v11,16-18 (GNB)


Coloured Glass, Paint and Lead
1: 250mm x 250mm
2: 600mm x 400mm

These two sample panels are part of a large glass wall designed to separate the cafeteria of Leeds city art gallery from the gallery space itself.
The theme is the ongoing process of creativity. This serves as background scenery as people are relaxing, drinking their coffee in the cafeteria.
As natural light is limited, I have used pastel colours, fluid lead lines and reflective grooves in the glass.