Once upon a time...

Traditionally painted glass by myself, inspired by living by the sea...

I became first interested in glass at 16 years old at college through vacuum forming transparent plastics - it was thought the project would better in blown glass. However, I was drawn to the use of colour, space and movement in and around the layers of plastic, rather than a solid mass.

I subsequently wrote a study about how mythological narrative was evident in three works of art; one of which was a John Piper window at Coventry Cathedral. 

 At the end of my A-levels, I decided to continue my interest in decorative glass in architecture by enrolling on a degree course in architectural glass in Swansea, Wales. I found that my interest in light as a natural source, and its spiritual quality was the inspiration for my designs and understanding of glass.

 It can be decorated in such ways to control the movement of light, the intensity of colour, and the projection of image and form to create a visual narrative in an architectural space. Over the years, I have visited many magnificent Cathedrals, beautiful intimate chapels, also other private and public spaces. 

I have been often mesmerised by the influence that glass windows have in the space; uniquely, hour by hour, and also season by season, as the sunlight changes. 
As my work develops, I hope to be increasingly sensitive to the influence various glass technique-controlled light has in an architectural and garden space.
Not only to create beauty and  intrigue, but to provide an sensory experience of wholeness and joy, as described by one of my most recent clients during lockdown.

Please contact me if you would like to join me on this journey in some way: a commission, exhibition or simply an email: deborah@glasswings.co.uk

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