My Latest Commission -wood and glass sculpture!

My husband and I installed this sculpture on the 9th August 2009, funded by the Lottery Commission.

This community project was a year in the planning and making, together with staff and volunteers Aylesbury Youth Action. We were finally relieved for it to find its home in the sensory garden of Aylesbury's " The Grove" respite home, Buckinghamshire.

The brief from the young people using the home:
*glass framed using natural resources
*bright colours
*shapes that were circular/curvy/arches/meandering
*textures that rippled and bubbled
*to work with the sound of wind chimes/running water/rustle of leaves in the trees near by
*possible themes: the journey of water through leaves/trees, the fun in how nature moves, our relationship with nature.

I hope they all enjoy touching and seeing it in the garden in the years to come!

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Unknown said...

The sculpture is absolutely great, the young people have already got a great deal out of touching it, looking through the stained glass windows and standing on the pebbled surrounding in their socked feet!! We are very greatful for all the work and love that went into producing such a changeable piece that provides something different to each individual. Thank you and hope to see you on 5th Sept for the official opening.

Marie Johnson
Unit Manager
The Grove